Evil God 112

112. School Festival ③
I am relaxing in the sofa.
Today was a good day.

“Aren’t you going to look around the school festival?”

Auretta couldn’t stand it any longer and spoke up.

“Hmm, it’s embarrassing to go back after failing once.”

By being late in an actual party you get isolated and find it hard to fit in.
It could go well but if not you could be standing in a corner playing with your smartphone.
Thinking “can’t this end any faster?”

You could argue that by that logic it would be better to return quickly, but this time there’s also some tidying up that needs to be done.

Jeko has left to do his work.
That guy has a lot to do.
I’m not good at interacting with women, but their personality is so different.
I do not understand at all.

“No, this is my room but…”

Fiona whispers a complaint.
It seems she is not happy I’m here.
Even if I say so I won’t leave.

“It’s surprisingly comfortable here.”
“Don’t be afraid to ask.”
“It seems to be standard that no one visits this room.”
“It’s not my impression of the room, isn’t it!?”

Fiona is being noisy one way or another.

“You should visit other places'”
“I’m not in the mood to do that.”

Fiona is the type that becomes cheerful in a festival.
The atmosphere in this room is not festive at all.

While having such talk, someone knocks at the door.

“Come in.”

Fiona answered while tilting her neck.
It seems an usual person is entering the room.

The door opens and two people go in.
It’s the Cantabridge Academy director Serena.
The second is the old man, Julius.

A soon as the director came in, Fiona stood up.

“Serena-sama, If you have business you did not have to come here.”

The relationship should originally be one between director and lecturer.
It should be more than that.
In this case Fiona defeated the demon lord recently an Serena defeated demon lord even among demon lords.

“No, I heard Ashtal-sama is here.”

Serena smiles.


Fiona’s face twitched for a moment.
Is there some thing wrong with me or do I feel a sense of rejection.
Well, I’m also uncomfortable being called by her like that.

“You don’t have to call me that because I’m also a student.”
“A student should not be on that level”

Fiona mumbles with a scornful look.

“Then Ashtal, I will have tea and sweets here.”

The old man puts the sweets on the table.
I will prepare the tea.

“Here in my room……”

Fiona mutters in a small voice.
The old man and me can heard it with our evil ears.

“Thank you very much for the other day.”

Auretta bows her head to Serena.
It was for when she was taken to Hamilton fortress and got some treatment.

“Oh no, I was just Ashtal’s helper.”

In the peaceful atmosphere there was one person not satisfied.
It is Fiona.

“Well, why do hate me so much?”
“I don’t mean it like that, It wasn’t like you.”


She is a bothersome woman.

“Fiona thinks about it to much.”
“For humanity’s sake we should consider this seriously.”

Fiona says in a serious expression.

“It’s pointless to think about it. It’s beyond human hands.”
“Is it really?’
“If their people are helping on a whim, we don’t know what will happen next.”
“Yes, therefore….”
“I will be the kind of woman that can help because you are here. It seems better to think that way.”

Fiona turns her reddening face.

“Good grief, It seems she’s still immature.”

Serena merrily laughs.
Although she looks likes she’s in her 20’s her real age is very different.

The door is suddenly opened with a loud bang.

“Who is it this time?”

Fiona asks offhandedly.
Since the person did not knock it could not have been a decent person.

A small girl 140 cm. tall entered.
She has long silver hair with twin tails.
Her clothes are also childish.

Somehow I remember seeing this person somewhere before.
Who was it again?

“Ah, Are you lost?”

Fiona crouched and spoke to the girl.
She thinks it’s a child that came to the school festival.

“Wa, no.”

The girl denied with full power.

“Uh, well… I will search for your mother for the time being.”
“Like I said that’s wrong.”
“Fiona, that person is…”

Serena got up immediately to greet her.

“I’m sorry Sophia-sama.”
“Serena, it seems she lacks education.”

Sophia answers with a haughty attitude.

“It is because you rarely show your face and now most people don’t know what you look like.”

The old man gave a bitter smile.
I remember hearing that name before.
It’s quite a nostalgic person.
Since I was only watching using my evil eye one-sidedly, I did not know about the place.

“Well, then I should spread my portrait around the world. It’s outrageous to forget Dragon Princess Sofia.”

A member of the seven heroes of the 4th demon calamity one of the seven stars.
Then again it should have been five stars.
The only survivor, the princess of the dragon tribe.

*さっさと帰ればいいという説もあるが、今回は片付けもあるわけで。I’m not sure about this line If you have a better translation post it in the comments, thanks. Thanks yomigaerutl


Tl: The other project is progressing slowly, so for now I will focus on Evil God. Expect 2 or 3 chapters per week. If you see any mistakes please let me know in the comments.


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    Poor Fiona, your room is not yours alone for the duration of the festival.


  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    A Dragon Princess from the 4th Demon Calamity. Which number was the last one again? Still, she must be pretty o… *crashing sound*

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    1. The last demonic calamity was the 6th, and it was 50 years ago.
      The 4th demonic calamity was 400 years ago, I think. And the Dragon Princess was already old enough to lead a rebellion at that time.
      Dragons are a long-lived race. I wonder if she is older than Ashtal and Old Man.


  3. Rejoice fiona-kun
    Your room become most important meeting room in the world.
    You have Evil God, 2 hero, one badass old man, one friend.


  4. 「んー。1回乗り損ねると中に入っていくのに気が引けるんだわ」
    “Hmm, after missing my ride once it’d be awkward to intervene.”

    live performance or a party

    Thinking “can’t this end any faster?”

    You could argue that by that logic it would be better to return quickly, but this time there’s also some tidying up that needs to be done.


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