Evil God 113

113. School Festival ④
The 4th Demon Calamity was 400-500 years ago.
So if it’s a human being they cannot survive up to the present.

–The Dragon Tribe.

They are a tribe with overwhelming large size, high combat ability and long life span.

However they have a low fertility rate compared to the humans.
They’re orginal number was already low, but in the 4th demon calamity they got drastically lower.
At the moment they numbered at about a 100.

One of the survivors is Sofia the Princess of the Dragon Tribe.
She had strong a desire for revenge against the 4th Demon Calamity’s demons and fought alongside mankind.

After that she became one of the 7 heroes one of the so called 7 Stars.

The dragon tribe can also transform into a humanoid.
Her appearance hasn’t changed much.
Therefore the child like appearance stayed.
She is a so-called loli-baba.*

Fiona who knew about the 7 stars, she kneeled on one knee and bowed out of respect.
Serena, Auretta and the old man also lower their heads.

“So, why did you come to Rhodan?”

Serena asks.
Normally they are in the eastern mountains of the continent of Britoria and rarely contact humans.
Although small scaled they have established a country and everyone is helping and making a living.
They signed a non aggression treaty with the humans.

Because of their low numbers they were outside the provisions of the Magna Carta compelling them to fight the demons.
They are not obligated to fight with the demons every time.
But it is common that a young member of the dragon tribe will participate for the sake of training.

The humans deem this acceptable.
Though in hindsight if 7 Star Sofia helps every time it will become easy.

“I heard about it when I came here the other day. There is a festival.”
“The other day?”

Fiona makes a strange face.

“It’s about Fumeless.”
“Oh, did you help at that time?”
“No, it was already over when I arrived. Because there is nothing to do I ate snacks at Serena’s and didn’t go home.”
“Useless and bothersome.”
“…Did you say anything?”

It seems my whisper wasn’t heard.
But she seems to be convinced that I complained and glares at me.

“I heard about the festival at that time. I going to eat again and again.”

The Dragon Tribe always had a huge appetite and gave priority to eating.

“What do you want?”
“I’m going to eat a lot of things, but cotton candy is the top priority.”
“Still a kid after all.”
“Who are you calling a kid!”

My tsukkomi was heard this time and she got angry like a child.

“Oh, please calm down.”

Fiona intervenes in a fluster.

In the middle of the talk the old man transferred away and came back shortly with cotton candy.
It seem he heard her favorite food from the last conversation.

“Yes, by all means.”
“Oh, my. It’s easy to eat.

The child’s mood brightened up.

“Wa muhamu.”

Sofia eats cotton candy in high spirits.

“By the way, who defeated Fumeless?”

Sofia hates the demons from the 4th calamity.
Hearing about a survivor she probably wanted to defeat them no matter what.


Fiona and others are surprised at my response.

“I thought it was probably you, but is a good thing to say so?”
“Now, To know me one of the 7 heroes and lie, get out.”
“You defeated Fumeless. That’s not an opponent a human can overcome. …What are you exactly?”

Sophia looks suspiciously.

Unfortunately I can’t answer that.
What would be a good excuse? How do I explain it?
As its becoming troublesome I give Fiona an explanation.
Fiona reluctantly answers.

“I see. Is it because of you that a mysterious sentence was added to the Magna Carta? ”
“I believe that.”

Even though they live in a very secluded place they still seem to get information.
She was satisfied with that explanation, just continue eating your cotton candy.

“You might say it something I understand well because of the 4th demon calamity.”
“It’s about legendary weapons brought to the humans”

Fiona looks at the weapon Krau Solas.

“Do you know who created it?”
” I thought you’d say that because even I don’t know about them. If you worry about the small details you wont live long.”
“Even if I don’t think about it I wont live as long a dragon….”

Fiona quips in a low voice.

“They were mysterious men, they looked human but they far from being human.”
“It was…”

Fiona seems to have noticed something and briefly looks at me.
I respond by putting my index finger over my mouth to keep it a secret.

“After defeating Demon Lord Gremork they suddenly disappered without saying anything. Their whereabouts afterwards is unknown. I’m sure they are not alive anymore.”

Sofia has a distant look.
They look slightly different from that time but they are alive.
I wonder if they want to see each other?

If those fellows wanted to see them they could probably meet.
Since they didn’t do it maybe they didn’t think about meeting.
If she stays in this town they could meet by chance.

“By the way it’s getting noisy outside.”

Somehow there is a commotion outside the room.
The school festival is about to end might as well go out.
Thinking that I left the room.


*loli-baba Looks like a loli but as old as a grandma

Tl: Sorry about the late update I got swarmed with work last week and was not able to finish translating 113. If there are any mistakes please let me know in the comments.


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