I’m not dead.

I’m still alive and kicking. Sometime after holloween I thought I had the flu😷. I rested and self medicated but little did I know it was a lot worse than the flu. I caught dengue fever and self medicating hid some of the dengue fever’s symptoms, and it got worse🤢. Until the rash got out hand I thought nothing of my situation. I was hospitalized and had hemorrhagic fever🏥. I was in a coma for 3 days the respirator came off on the 5th day and was discharged on the 9th day. I’ve been recovering in the last couple days. Its been a harrowing november for me. After getting discharged I had no energy to post or translate. I’ve been mostly binge watching the blacklist and elementary on netflix.  I feel I’m mostly back to my old self again but I’m gonna continue to rest this week and I’ll be back translating next week. I hope you understand. ✌


9 thoughts on “I’m not dead.”

  1. Glad to see you’re still ticking. Dengue fever can be deadly, especially if diagnosed too late.
    Get some rest until you’re sure you recovered and back in shape!


  2. My junior in my middle school died because of that dengue fever, nobody noticed that she’s colapse in her room for a couple days so when her parents finally checked in her room she is already gone.. 😦
    Glad to know you are healthy again..


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