Evil God 114

114. School Festival ⑤


The Commotion seems to be coming from my class.
There is a crowd of people but I easily pushed forward.

“What happened?”

I ask a sighing Tiraiza outside the class room.

“Oh, did you just revive?”

Tiraiza looks surprised.
Apparently they thought that my condition would be irrecoverable after downing that.

“If you could endure that you are a tough person.”

Iris is also impressed.

“No matter how you see it, you can only say it as you see it.”

Tiraiza point to the temporary relief room.

“It’s a hang-out for dying idiots.”
“Even if it’s a trap there are times when a man must still push through.”

Such words can be heard in the corridor.
Somehow it has closed because the ingredients have run out.
So they were disappointed.

“Its fine. but there is a special idiot so there is a commotion.”
“Special idiot?”
“A special doting parent, right?”
“Huh? The King is here.”

King of the Kingdom of Briton Richard II.
Needless to say, he is the father of Yufilia.

Peeking in the classroom, the King is calmly sitting.
He is surrounded by his royal guards.

If the King show up there will be a commotion.

“There are few opportunities to eat here.”
“I think this is unnecessary.”
“I would prefer if his Majesty eats at home.”

Iris replied in a fatigued voice.
She probably never thought that she needed to give treatment in the festival.

The King has already experienced the deadly cooking.
There is no need for him to go to all the way to the school festival.
You can eat at home, in the castle.

“So what have you been doing.”
“Detoxifying and organizing people, and evacuating the rest.”

It is a measure so no one eats it by chance.
A wise man will not come near danger.

In the classroom Yufilia was humming and cooking.
Ethan the original chef is assisting with dead eyes.

No, everyone in the classroom has a look like a dead man.

“Mou, Father to come to a place like this.”

Yufilia speaks cheerfully.

“Wahahaha, I came incognito to see how it is going. Hearing that Yufilia is cooking I can’t just stay and stand there.”

I think that it is already abnormal at this stage for a king of a country to come incognito for their daughter’s school festival.
Calling it incognito even though no disguise was done.

“It’s good to cook sometimes.”

With Yufilia’s words the guards started to huddle together.

“Everyone behave yourself, I can make enough for everyone.”
“Hii, a princess standing in the kitchen is not preferable.”

The Knight Commander Godelf who had come with the escort speaks in a fluster.

“Everybody says so and prevents me from standing in the kitchen, isn’t that right?”

Yufilia makes a strange face.

“If it is the work of a server, it is not the duty of the princess”
“But if you say that, an adventurer or a hero is also not the role of a princess.”
“Well, that is ……”

Godelf is at a loss for words.
He can’t say you have no talent.

“Ufufu, it’s a joke.”

Yufilia sticks out her tongue.

“Now, This time I’m confident. Seafood soup pasta”

Yufilia presents his father with some hair-raising food.

“I had a chance to eat seafood pasta the other day so I wanted to make that.”

Maybe I have seen the same dish.
The food I ate at the shop in the capital city of the island Kingdom.
But on the plate in front of the of King Briton, the dish was not the same as the one in my memory.

You can see something like a fish bone.
The color is also blue, but what does this?
The blue gradation is depriving me of my appetite.
Without a doubt it is giving the feeling it could kill.

“Oh, this looks good.”

Impossible words come from the mouth of King Richard II.
It doesn’t seem to be acting.
All the escort soldiers are all looking away.

Richard II put the pasta in his mouth without hesitation.

“Mu oh oh.”

Richard II shouts.
And the pasta is scarfed down.

“I have no regrets in my life.”

After saying that he fell, Godelf caught him.

“F-father what’s wrong?”

Yufilia tries to speaks with her father, but he has already lost consciousness.
No matter how you look at it he is dying painfully.
His complexion is also pale.

Is this what’s called parent?
I’m in awe of you.
I’m never going to do anything to imitate that.

“Oh, perhaps eating miss Yufila’s dish satisfied his Majesty, and the usual fatigue just cought up.”

Godelf described an impossible conjecture.

“Oh, yes…. in that case coming here was unnecessary.”

That’s true.

“His Majesty couldn’t leave it alone, please excuse us.”

Godelf lays King Richard II on a stretcher and leaves.
They escape from a dangerous battlefield.

“High Refresh”

Iris casually removes the poison.
Godelf bows to Iris.

By the way the pasta still remains.

“I need to move at once…”

Tiraiza firmly grasps my arm when I try to leave.

“You still have work to do. You will handle that.”
“Why is that my job…”
“I knew you will say that goshujinsama.”

A set up like that was reminded.
I have forgotten about it, it seems Tiraiza just remembered.

“Oh, Ashtal where have you been?”

Oh no!
Yufilia found me.
Tiraiza distance herself away from me.
She do not want to get involved.

“You promised to go around the school festival with everyone today.”
“Oh-ah, for a number of reason…”

My face twitched about.

“We became unexpectedly busy, will you eat all of this.”

Yufilia happily presents me the pasta.

“If you eat it, you will be excused from cleaning up duty.”

Although Tiraiza says such a thing, those things don’t balance at all.
There is no escape for me.
I handled all of the blue mystery pasta.

With this the school festival is safe? It is over.
Next year cooking in this class will be banned when we do the next event.
No, I forbid it.

Because of that I was in bed for a few of days.


TN: Sorry for the long wait. I’ve been looking for a part time job this past week one of the leads ended up being a mlm seminar. That really wasted my time and sucked all the motivation out of my body. They where encouraging me to borrow money to get their overpriced health pills. I said I’m already in debt but they kept on insisting you can pay for that if I sell their pills and recruit people. I got home after more than 4 hours of their BS and I just went out and got hammered.

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  2. Is Yufilia that much of an airhead that she truly does not see the effects of her food? Also, is it that impossible to follow a recipe if everything is labeled and measured or whatever? Guess she won’t know unless someone tells her honestly, as she’ll just believe the “praise” and “collapsed from tastiness” of her food.


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