Evil God 115

115. The Food Situation of the Dark Temple

I don’t want to do anything.
I don’t want to work.

No, I didn’t work originally.
Pancakes are scary.
I am also scared of pasta.

There was no damage to my body, but my spirit was cut down.
Naturally, as for the school festival next day, I am absent.
It seems to leave its traces for several days.

There was no choice for me but to lie in bed.
I get up and wander in the dark temple.

The Dark Temple.
A huge facility in the sub-space.
There are many sub-spaces in this world.

The size of the sub-space is various.
This sub-space with the Dark Temple is large.
The light shines for some reason, and it becomes night too.

It is possible to make such a space temporarily by using magic though it is not understood even if it is questioned.
However ,it is a mystery how it persisted permanently.
We often do not understand the super technology of the Age of Mythology.

In order to come officially here, you need to go through the cave that appears only after the defeat of the demon king and go through the transition gate.
Although it is called the transition gate, in fact it is not limited to that gate.
The door, the exit at the cave, the top of the stairs, etc.

Funny how the transition gate have changed before and after that.
From noon to night, something like summer to midwinter also happens.

If you have come one you can teleport back but the transition is not normal.
The transition between subspace requires advanced metastasis technique.
It is impossible for human beings to use it at their present condition.
They will not understand even if I taught it.

The weather in the dark temple is usually cloudy.
Thunder also echoes pointlessly.
Almost everyday.
Like this, the dark and evil atmosphere is exuded.

Meanwhile, we also need to eat.
I’m fine even if I don’t eat for a while, and even if i eat a lot, doesn’t gain weight.
Just eating simply wasteful, we need to move and exercise.

Because the weather is bad near the Dark temple, there is a large-scale farm a little distance away.
Crops are hard to grow if the weather is not good.

Rice and wheat, not to mention the cultivation of various vegetables.
In addition, livestock are doing well.
Plenty of food for 15000.
Rather there is a lot of excess production.

I transition to the farm.

“Oh, Ashtal-sama,
welcome, I am very glad to see you. ”

The 15th chief Famure in charge of agriculture lowered his head.
His appearance is a laid-back grandpa.

The evil god kin will get reborn when they age to a certain point.
Famure may be about to be reborn again soon.

“Still a hard worker as ever”
“Food security is the basis of defense.”

Famure slowly sits on the ground while saying that.
His appearance is aged, but the numerical value of his status doesn’t drop.
Since he is a chief he is strong.

You shouldn’t have to move slowly while saying such a line.
But when you’ve actually become an old man you will want to say it like that.
I don’t know why I’m still that same.


I was puzzled.
In the first place it is a facility where nobody comes.
What will we protect from what?

“For example, hundreds of thousands of enemies gather outside a cave, and it will be said that we will hold out a siege here”
“Hou hou.”

I ask curiously.

“It is reckless to go outside.
We put traps and soldiers in the cave and start a guerrilla war.
During that time all you need is food.
That’s why we need to make enough food to hold for a long time. ”
“Even so, I feel like we’re making too much.”
“Some are sold to humans publicly.”

Recently I began to spend human money.
It’s apparent that some replenishment is needed.

There is sufficient food to eat with what is left.
But now I have no appetite.

If you train a lot you will eat a lot.
In this area we are the same as humans.
Athletes eat can eat several times more than an average person.

“This is Eulius-sama’s instructions.”
the old man doesn’t shut up about food.”

To the old man that does everything perfectly he is very particular about food.

“I heard you went to a building called the Crystal Tower the other day.”

I give a short answer.
Ancient Urugu Empire — armor soldiers.
And the mysterious dragon tribe.
We named demon dragon species.
The reason is we have found signs and resemblance to the demons.

“There seem to be a lot to think about.
After that, I will re-check the reserves.”

I think for a bit.

What is that facility?
Suddenly the fact why does it exist and why armor soldiers come out.
Although it thousands of years old there is no way it just suddenly come about.
You would normally think so.

But I was only released from the 1000 year spell recently.
Sometimes there are days like this.

Well lets leave it to the old man.
I’ll lie down here and sunbathe.


Tn: no rant this time


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    1. here is the first couple lines in the next chapter
      116. Ruins investigation

      The investigation in the Northeast archipelago was progressing smoothly.

      Rather than an investigation it more like learning to control the armor species.


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