Evil God 117

117. Engagement


The King of Briton Richard II lied in bed for about a week.
The cause was not made public by any circumstances.

There was a story of a young lady trying to cook for the bedridden king but she never had the opportunity to enter the kitchen.
Enduring the surrounding hardships.
Would the surrounding people stop it with all their power? Continue reading “Evil God 117”


Evil God 116

116. Ruins investigation

The investigation in the Northtowie Archipelago was progressing smoothly.
Rather than an investigation it is more like learning to control the armor species.

Vincent sat down on what appears to be the remains of a control room.
A bright and shining circlet is worn over his head.

“Wonderful, can you control this many soldiers with my will? ”

Vincent is delighted.
The screen projects the view from outside.
It is a device with the magic effect called site vision. Continue reading “Evil God 116”