Evil God 116

116. Ruins investigation

The investigation in the Northtowie Archipelago was progressing smoothly.
Rather than an investigation it is more like learning to control the armor species.

Vincent sat down on what appears to be the remains of a control room.
A bright and shining circlet is worn over his head.

“Wonderful, can you control this many soldiers with my will? ”

Vincent is delighted.
The screen projects the view from outside.
It is a device with the magic effect called site vision.

“Putting the circlet on and thinking will move the armor soldiers. However, there seems to be a distance limit. ”

Neville explains.

“How many soldiers are there?”
“Lets see… Hundreds of thousands have been found, but some have stopped working.”
“But I’m willing to share this power to others.”

Vincent looks quizzically.

“If we could monopolize it we would have done so.”

Neville answered honestly.
There was no need to hide it.

“It certainly wasn’t easy to find this ruin”

Scottyard’s financing and human resources helped the research to advance this much.
Vincent relied on Scottyard for this one reason.

“There are certainly reasons for that, it’s time to solve it,”

But Neville shook his head.

“We have a fatal problem. Unfortunately wearing the circlet does not work for everyone.

Vincent knew that Neville had several colleagues.
They are all hiding like Neville.

“What is it?”

When Vincent asks, Neville shows a wry smile.
However because of the mask Vincent didn’t know of this fact.

“I don’t understand, the elucidation of the Magic Science of the Urugu Empire is difficult. All we can do is just use it. There are people who can use it and people who cannot use it”
“Probably this is a kind of talent”
“After all I was chosen for this”

Vincent is the one who is satisfied.

“That’s enough for us to keep our promise.”
“You wanted to capture the crystal tower with this armor type”

Vincent recalls the conversation.

“It is certainly a mysterious facility for us, but to break into place excites me, I wonder why?
“I am interested in the truth of the world”
“The truth is it…”

Vincent ponders with his hands on his chin.

“Why did the civilization with the this much technology fall? Where they defeated? Aren’t you interested?”
“If said like that it piques my interest. But I do not think it will be worth the effort. ”

Vincent spoke uninterestedly.
For Vincent there was more important things than that.

“With this power it will be possible”
“However are these armored species going to fight against against their own kind over there”

If there is a program done to control fighting between armored species it will be impossible to conquer.

The Urugu empire would have rebelllion and conflict, if there is a rule that they will not fight between armored species, it will be a problem. ”

Vincent felt that Neville’s explanation seemed as if he had personally experienced it.

“Well fine, but after defeating them, Can we win with the current forces?”
“I cannot answer anything more than that without not knowing the enemy’s strength.”

Vincent snorts.
Failure isn’t permitted in this game.
He will be more cautious than usual.

Vincent was manipulating the armored species while having a conversation.
He was moving the type that can fly in the sky and over the sea.

“Like this?”

Vincent gives an order to return .
When storing them was finished an order to cease was issued.

Beside Vincent there was an escort armor type, but its function also ceased.
The light indicating operation disappeared.

“It shutdown, it’s inconvenient we can’t separate that order.”

Vincent scratches his head.
Well no one intends to hurt him in this facility.
There will be no problem even if he is left unattended here.

When such thought was considered, armor escort restarted suddenly.

“What? I have not issued any orders”

Vincent is wary.
He thought that it was going to attack him suddenly.

But the it began to attack Neville.
Neville grabs the armor’s head like it is nothing and grasps as if to crush it.

“I seem to be disliked by this machine. This happens once in a while.”

Neville said in a quiet tone.
As if it isn’t a particularly big thing.

“When you don’t tell me these things early it will bring trouble. Do you mean that there are many defective armors? ”
“There no other incidents of attack other than myself, Vincent is safe. ”

So why was he attacked?
Vincent was anxious, but hesitates in asking that question.

In the meantime, Neville left the room as soon as the talk ended.
Contrary to what he said Vincent clicks his tongue in disrespect of what was said.


Tn/rant: This chapter was so hard to translate that it took more than 3 times than usual to translate T_T and at some point I started translating 117. I went back and forth on the 2 chapters and I somehow finished it today. 117 is 78% finished and I plan to finish it tomorrow.

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