Evil God 117

117. Engagement


The King of Briton Richard II lied in bed for about a week.
The cause was not made public by any circumstances.

There was a story of a young lady trying to cook for the bedridden king but she never had the opportunity to enter the kitchen.
Enduring the surrounding hardships.
Would the surrounding people stop it with all their power?

The hardworking Richard II is working energetically to make up for the lost days.
Yufilia enters.

“Father, how can I help you?”

Asked by the beloved daughter, Richard II stops his hands.
It is after most of the piled up work was finished, there was some free time.

“Well …” (tn: somehow babylon translated this as potassium lol)

Richard II said with a dignified tone.

“Just a minute! To suddenly summon me without thinking whether or not I’ll be troubled isn’t right.”

Yufilia complains with her hand on her hip.

“Is it hard to talk about?”
“Well, that’s right, this is a talk about an engagement.”

Yufilia raised a hysteric voice.

“Well, is it Vincent again?”

The person Yufilia instantly came to think of is the first prince of the Scottyard kingdom.
She was pressured to get engaged again and again and struggled to refuse.

But now that talk is over.
There is also no reason for such talk to come about.
Even if asked a refusal will be given immediately.
Richard II was not supposed to worry about that.

“That’s not why, that man is not fit for my daughter.”

Richard II speaks with a strong tone.

“It’s about time, I thought that we must talk about an engagement and a marriage”
“Why are you suddenly talking like that? Until recently you said ‘My daughter will not marry!’ in an angry voice among other things.”

Yufilia looks doubtful.
Yufilia is not interested in an engagement or anything like that.
She was thankful of her father’s attitude.

Whether or not she is interested at all as of the present it can be said that it may be a little different.

“I was talking to the nobles. Whether it is done right away or not, I think it’s okay to consider the other party.”

For the stability of the kingdom more blood relatives is needed.
If there is too much it could result in dissension, if too little it is embarrassing.

Yufilia is the second princess she has a sister.
And one younger brother.
He is still 10 years old but eventually he will sit on the throne.
Although there a few nominee that propose to Yufilia a hero who defeated the demon king.

If a noble tries to marry a female royal it is a cause for concern.
However Yufilia will refuse such a political marriage.

“There are no decent young men from the powerful nobles, I will not have any such guy marry into the family.” (tn: originally translated as marry the bride changed it because it sounded awkward)

Yufilia nods in agreement with her father.
Yufilia also thought that Briton’s young aristocracy had problems.

They have a bad attitude. They don’t study much or excel in martial arts.
There are many that look down on commoners.
Half a century ago we were also common people.
Yufilia has held such an impression.

“Well is this the end of the story?”
“No, I remember there is one deserving person for my daughter.”
“Was there such man?”

Yufilia thinks deeply.
I don’t know any fine noble that my father would recognize.

“It’s the boy named Ashtal.”
“Hoa!? ”

Yufilia is magnificently surprised.

“What are you talking about? Ashtal is not even a Briton.”

Richard II was momentarily surprised but immediately returned to his calm demeanor.
From those words it seems nobody on Ashtal’s side have told his daughter anything about their identity.
If they can’t say neither can he say anything.
On to the engagement talk.

“I didn’t choose him by status. It makes sense to join hands with excellent people.”

There many examples of royalty accepting a hero after defeating the demon lord into their family in history,
However in this case it is a bit different.

“But, but… that is sudden.”
“There is no doubt”
“Wheter one likes it or not such talk will happen.”

Yufilia blushes. And wriggle her body.


Richard II puzzled, stares at his daughter who is suddenly acting strangely.

“Well, that’s right. If we don’t take this opportunity we wont make any progress so we must decide.”
“What’s the matter?”

Yufilia mutters with both hands on her cheek.
Not sure, Richard II spoke.

“No, the matter we are talking about.”
“It is a talk about an engagement.”
“I know, I was surprised because it is so sudden.”

Yufilia has decided and quickly charged ahead.

“Are you surprised, too? After all I was hesitant to tell you.”
“Eh, to who?”

They both tilt their heads in confusion.

“Often the talk of an engagement will often go south, right?”
“So it looks like you agree……”
“Engagement, it’s talk of a marriage interview?”
“Yes, I know. Hopefully the engagement will go smoothly.”
“That’s right, It’s Dorothy’s. ”

Yufilia raises a manic voice.

“Ne, it’s elder sister?”

Dorothy is Yufilia’s older sister.
With a difference of 4 years she is 20 years old.

“That’s right. As you know she has become 20 and I thought it’s reasonable to proceed with this talk.”

For Richard II to find someone he voluntary likes.
It is a good match as for the royal family, it is ideal.
Because it is such a clever thought.

In fact Dorothy talk about her doesn’t abound there not even rumors.

“Oh, I see. If that’s the case I think its good– no, it’s not good!”

Yufilia screamed.
There is no problem if her sister is to be wedded to someone.
However, if the other party is Ashtal then its an entirely different story.

He could not understand his daughter’s thinking.
Richard II could not understand why and could only look in puzzlement.
And thus a match making invitation letter was sent to Ashtal.

Tn/rant: A few lines gave me some problems but overall this was a lot easier than the last chapter. If any of you noticed I got a new domain and started running ads. If you run any ad blocker please white list my site m(._.)m.



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  2. Hi and thanks for the translation.
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    I did not understand.
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    1. the king said that he has found a suitor for his daughter, but does not say which until later. Yufilia first thought it was her and it was later clarified that its her elder sister and the suitor is Ashtal. Fiona is also a Hero, she defeated the demon lord before the one Yufilia’s party defeated. maybe I should make a glossary


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