Evil God 118

118. Cancellation

Editor: OhMarioWV

Although it was mainly spiritual damage, my condition has recovered and I headed back to school.
There are fewer people in the classroom.

“Oh, what a quick recovery.”

Tiraiza exclaims in surprise.

“I’m the quickest one?”
“You can understand by looking at the classroom.”
“There are fewer people thats for sure, and the criminal responsible?”
“It’s terrible if you say it like that…”

Iris mumbles.
Since she didn’t deny it, she at least thinks the same as me.

“The King is also down, so she seems to be doing what she can on the king’s behalf.”

In Tiraiza’s remark Yufilia seems to be doing poor clerical work, while crying like a baby.

“You will still suffer the consequence of your actions even if it’s ignored.”

Tiraiza nods mercilessly.

“Would you like to visit Jamie?”

Jamie has not yet recovered.
Jaime seems to live in the capital with her family.
Living in a not so spacious mansion.

“Is it okay to visit considering the current circumstances?”
“I gave magic treatment immediately after eating, I don’t understand why they are resting for days”
“Only a person who ate that food will understand.”

I said with a groan.

“The moment I put it in my mouth is fine, because it was stimulative, however the intense nausea that comes after it tells your body that it’s not food.”
“Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t want to hear it because it makes me feel sick. ”
“It seems to be a curse on the food…”

Tiraiza and Iris stops my explanation.


As I complained that they were composed.
I have decided to leave the visit to them.



A few days later.
When I came back to the castle, the old man and Jeko were waiting.

“That’s unusual”

It’s still early.
These two people are often in the Britton kingdom in the capital Rhodan and don’t often come back together.
Adrigori and Gareth are together, but this is not unusual.

“A problem has occurred”

The old man says in a refreshing expression.
I think it wont be a big problem.
However if it’s the old man, he can keep a straight face even in a serious situation.
I’ve never seen the old man have a serious expression, regardless it has never happened before.

“A letter has come from the Britton royal family.”

It is impossible for it to reach the dark temple.
Because they don’t know about this place.

The three of us each has a temporary lodging in Rhodan.
He is the housekeeper on the family register.
Of course there is an actual house.
It’s a one room building and it’s small, but it’s still a house.

There is a complete set of household items, but there is no lived in feeling because I don’t live there.
A letter had arrived there.

“To be accurate, a messenger came.”

Jeko tells us.

“A messenger?”
“Yes, I went to see how things are by chance and I was there. They would like to invite Ashtal-sama to a dinner party. ”
“A dinner party is it…”

I tilt my head in puzzlement.
Royalty often held parties for the aristocracy.
This is the first time I’ve been invited to such a thing.

“Why do they want me to meet the King’s daughter?”
“Well, I met her a a lot don’t you agree?”

I am on good terms with Yufilia her father.

“No, it’s not Yufilia but her older sister.”
“By older sister you mean…”
“Princess Dorothy Plantagenet, she is 20 years of age. ”

Dorothy Plantagenet is Yufilia’s older sister, but unfortunately she doesn’t stand out as much as her sister.
She is not a talented fighter like a hero and her appearance is not even better.

It seems the younger sister has a much better reputation.
It also seems that the relationship between the two sisters are good, and there is no bad rumors about Dorothy.
It was a reputed that she has a gentle and kind personality.

Despite being the princess of a great country not much attention has been directed at her because she is not a hero.
I have no memory of seeing her in pas several years.

“What do you expect me do to on such a meeting.”

The old man smiles wryly at my question.

“Of course I would like you to deepen our relationship.”
“Its making connections in name. Foremost my relationship with Yufilia is not so bad, it should be pointless, right?”
“Perhaps they want to deepen the connection. And consider marriage.”

The Britton King is known to be a doting parent.
Declaring his daughter as a bride with no hesitation.

Has his attitude softened because of age?
It’s not uncommon for a father to be that way to their children.
At certain age you stop saying things you would normally say.

When one is older they say ‘How come you’re not married yet’ and then when they get older than that it becomes ‘I’d like to see my grandchildren’s face soon.’ or like that.
It is unreasonable.

In this world of royalty and nobility being unmarried at 20 years old is considered late, isn’t it?
Who would say such a thing?

“It is worthy to bear in mind. Certainly it is natural to assume that all the women in the world belong to Ashtal-sama.”
“Unfortunately my reach is not that far.”

As per usual, you can’t leave Jeko’s crazy statements unattended.

“I have no intention of attending such a dinner party. Decline the invitation.”
“Is your expectation good?”
“What is it?”

I looked at the old man.

“I thought it would be a good experience to turn up on such an occasion. ”
“…I see. There is also that point of view.”

I hold my chin and think.
If I consider it as training it wont be a waste of time.
Refusing to go and declining lacks courtesy.

“It can’t be helped. One day I will have to face this.”

I was coaxed by the old man and decided to attend the dinner party.

“It is a solution to the problem.”
“Oh? What was a problem after all?”
“Jeko has gone ahead and agreed.”
“Of what?”

I had a bad feeling as I frowned.

“To move forward to an engagement.”
“Wait a minute.”
“If were agreeing, what am I supposed to do?”

Jeko isn’t shy.

“All women in the world are drawn near to Ashtal-sama.”

Again the same thing is being said.

“Is there something you don’t like in a woman? For example the face?”
“Not particularly an ugly face. Its not good to judge with only the face, I guess?”
“If its only judging the face I’m sure… ASHATAL-SAMA… GOHOAA!!”

Gareth who said something was blown away.


Adrigori muttered.

“Well, I’m not going to get engaged, but it’s polite to meet them once face to face.”

I sighed.



Shortly before the appointed time I head for Warwick castle.
My attire is a tuxedo.
I handed the invitation to the gatekeeper, and it was led to the venue.

It was a large hall, and a lot of people gathered there.
It is our first meeting why isn’t it a small dinner party?

“Thank you for coming today.”

King Richard II spoke to me with a smile.
Nobles also gathered, they all made their greetings.
There were some familiar faces.

“Oh dear me, I was not expecting it to be the older sister. ”

The president of Briton’s bank Ben Springfield speaks in a whisper.

“What is it?”
“Once again, however you looked at it you seemed to get along with the younger sister.
“No, I’m not going to officially accept their intention.
“The official announcement surely has not yet come. However because the reply from the invitation was favorable the discussion has moved forward?”

Ben scratches his head.

Oh, by the way this party is separate from the matchmaking.
His Majesty was in such a good mood it was thought appropriate to throw this party.

A doting parent doesn’t change.
It was a situation where as if the engagement was already approved.

Huh? It’s hard to refuse in this atmosphere?

What’s up with me wavering, the other party seems to be ready.
I am led to another room.

“Apologies for making you wait, Ashtal-sama.”

A small room with luxurious furnishing.
Dorothy who was waiting in the room bows elegantly.
It is a gentle expression as rumored.

“Bussa, I will break my engagement.”

The moment I saw Dorothy I murmured.
While I did not see it in the last several years she has become fat and a tragic appearance is what I saw.
The face is so greasy that its shiny.
It was like a different person.

Even if I do not judge by appearance, there is a limit.
Exactly what happened in the past few years?

On this day the relationship between me and the Britton royal family didn’t deepen.


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