Evil God 112

112. School Festival ③
I am relaxing in the sofa.
Today was a good day.

“Aren’t you going to look around the school festival?”

Auretta couldn’t stand it any longer and spoke up.

“Hmm, it’s embarrassing to go back after failing once.”

By being late in an actual party you get isolated and find it hard to fit in.
It could go well but if not you could be standing in a corner playing with your smartphone.
Thinking “can’t this end any faster?”
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Evil God 111

111. School festival


Phew. I’m burned out.

I sat down on a chair with a pained expression.


The school festival has already started and it is getting noisy.

But I do not have the energy to move around.




The Adventurer Guild receptionist Auretta said in a surprised voice.

She is not wearing her usual clothes instead she is wearing a lady’s shirt and denim jeans.

And a cardigan.


I nodded helplessly at Auretta.


“I’m kind of burned out… Even though the school festival has just started”


Their hero Fiona is next to Auretta.

They are good friends.


“Well this and that happened”


I said in a weary voice.


“Even if you rest in a place like this, how about resting in a different place?”


Fiona frowned on Auretta’s suggestion.


“This is my room but…”


Fiona works as a part-time lecturer at Cantabridge Academy.

A private room was given to her even though she was only a part time-time lecturer.

Being a hero affords her this kind of treatment.


My hand was led by Auretta.

There is a sofa in the room where I can lie down.


“I’m curious as to what kind of monster can inflict this much damage.”


It’s a terrible thing to say, but I have no energy to argue with Fiona.

The physical damage is 0.


“Even if I tell you it will be impossible to believe.”


I gave an introduction, it’s not like I want to hide it.

They seemed to be interested so I told the whole story.


“I heard about it before …”



I tsukkomi.


“It seems that on his Majesty the King’s birthday he was given homemade dishes and he fell ill.”



I guess he had no choice but to eat the dishes his beloved daughter made.

In other words, they used me to stop her cooking and decrease the number of victims.

Such a law was enacted. **


“If that’s the case, why don’t you eat a snack?”


Auretta took out the bento from the bag.


“Why bring a bento to a school festival with a store and a cafe?”

“Just in case something like this might happen”

“Because Auretta cooks for herself’.”


However, I just had breakfast a little while ago.

So I thought, but when I looked at the clock its almost noon.


“Huh, noon already?”

“That’s right. How long have you been sitting over there? ”


Fiona asked but I could not remember at all.


“I don’t know. It’s horrible.”


My body trembled.


Auretta’s bento is fairly common an omelet sandwich and hotdog octopus.

I nodded when I saw it.


This is good.

Because it’s not from a professional (tl: pro in a bad way) there is no unusual decorations.

It is like putting the cart first before the horse.




I’m tasting a delicious home cooked meal.

My spirit is being healed.


“Why are you crying for?”


Fiona is Shocked.


“If it’s alright with you I can make this every day.”


Auretta nervously says, but I shake my head in disapproval.


“No, going that far feels awkward.”


When I recover, I will calm down.

My schedule today should be pretty busy.

So far, my schedule has been ignored.


Jamie cannot recover today, but there are 3 other people.


“I wonder what happened to the class.”


When I murmured this, Fiona asked a school staff to investigate for me.


We were waiting for a while when the person with the report knocks on the door.


“Come in.”


With Fiona’s permission, a man wearing work clothes enters.

It is Jeko.


“Why are you…”


Fiona becomes suspicious.

Jeko is the school janitor.

The staff that Fiona asked is Jeko and that Jeko came back.


Jeko sees us and stands firm.

To be accurate, because Fiona is here I don’t know how to handle this.


“Fiona knows most of the general circumstances you can do it normally. ”


When I say this Jeko kneels like a tight bond was released.


“The class is in great chaos”

“Did something happen?”

“It was successful in the beginning, and I was confused in a different way.”

“Was the princess cafe a great success?”

“Well if it’s those girls there will be lots of men'”


Fiona speaks naturally.


“It was that kind of situation, but certain customers started saying, ‘The princess’s homemade cooking we can’t refuse.’”

“Hey, stop. Do you want to die?”


My advice was too late.

This report also talks about the past.


“It’s already too late.”


Fiona gave up in despair.


“I don’t understand what’s happening but they are using a nearby classroom as a temporary infirmary. The patients seem to be carried one after another.”


Jeko answers while tilting his head in confusion.

I don’t know what’s going on.

It’s ok to try someone’s cooking to understand, but this is just unreasonable punishment.


“Absolutely don’t get involved in the disturbance in the classroom

“Yes, of course.”


Auretta nods.


“Are you going to stay here and rest?”

“No, this is my room although…”


I pass the complaining Fiona.

Iris will be busy giving treatment.

Did Tiraiza help with the treatment or did she escape when there was an opening?


If the trouble has calmed down a bit I’ll show my face.

Just as I thought, there is no sign of our troubles settling down.


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Evil God 110

110. School festival

On the day of the school festival
My schedule is fully booked.
And that’s just perfect.

The class decided to go with a coffee shop.
Maid Cafe?
Maids can be hired normally, and in a world where such people are common, such things cannot be popular.

That is why I thought a change should be done.
It is a princess cafe.
Miraculously there is one princess enrolled.
Yufilia will only serve the customers for a short time but it will be a big attraction.
Such opinion came out and it was approved,

It is not easy to prepare clothes a princess would wear.
Oh well… an imitation will be used for the ambiance.
The girls will serve the customers and the boys will prepare the food.
That is the basics of the school festival.

If there is a princess then there should be a prince too, right?
There is such an opinion too.
But there was no one appropriate to be a prince in the class.
In terms of appearance.

By the way there is a big shot prince in class, but he didn’t come.
It is a mystery where he is.
It is the same regardless.
The prince’s reputation is bad anyway.

But I digress.

After I’m done preparing in the morning I will be free.
Then I can look around the school festival with four people
The easiest mission yet.

The classroom interior is changed into a coffee shop.
It is the result of working late yesterday.

When I enter the classroom, I get a strange feeling.
There was a dull atmosphere.
It’s supposed to be a fun school festival.

“Ah, I want to go back”

As soon as a classmate sees me, I utter so.
Everyone is staring at me like a savior or something.

“What’s going on?”

I look suspiciously.

“Did you eat breakfast?”

The approaching Tiraiza ask.
She wore a princess dress.
It’s an easy to move in dress with her figure in mind so Tiraiza wears it without hesitation.

“We also double as tasters so I skipped breakfast. I have not eaten.”

Nevertheless, an evil god can survive without eating a single meal.
Even if I don’t eat or drink for a while its ok.


Tiraiza gave an evil smirk.

“Good, can you sample some food?”

Iris tells me.
With a deadpan expression and a voice without emotion.

Looking at the kitchen, Yufilia was cooking.
The classmate with high culinary skill is supposed to be in charge.

“Ethan will be in charge of serving food to the customers, I will also check the appliances and ingredients, so I will not ask him to cook everyone’s breakfast.”
“I see.”

Ethan is a cook.
Ethan looked at Yufilia’s cooking and it looks like it’s killing him.

In the meantime, cooking seemed to be done and Yufilia is serving the food on a plate.
The classroom becomes noisy.
Yufilia’s coming towards me.

“Here you go, dig in.”

She gave a smile that if 100 men sees it 99 of them will look back and reminisce.
However, the boys in the classroom are trembling with fear.
If you look closely, some people were lying in the corner of the classroom.

“Hey, hold on to your life and don’t die.”
“Uumm, to eat Yufilia’s home cooking I have no regrets.”

If this makes me leave the kitchen I’m a useless guy.
The classmates who fell in the corner of the classroom would sometimes flinch like a fish on land for the first time.
Is that what’s going to happen?

“A princess of a large country can’t be a good cook, can she? I believe that’s common sense.”

Tiraiza mutters.
She avoids looking me in the eyes.

“We trained to be adventurers, used in life or death battles, we didn’t have time to cook.”

As soon Iris says that she takes some distance away from me.
Though it is not necessary to be good at cooking.
There should be a limit on how bad you could be.

“Hehehe, this time I’m confident. Yufilia’s Special Pancakes!”

Yufilia offers the dish to me.

A dark black aura is coming out from the food.
Various ingredients are decorated on the pancake like object.

I cannot say anything.
At this distance the foul smell is unbearable.
It stinks really bad.

If it’s only pancakes it shouldn’t be this bad.
It became this ridiculous because of the extra decorations.
Why does a beginner ignore the recipe and move on to making a new creation.

“By the way, where is Jamie?”
“Yufilia took her down.”

Tiraiza answered.
She points to one of the fallen classmates foaming at the mouth

There is no hope of recovery.
It seems that her school festival has already ended.

“Jamie was the first victim. It is the result of eating innocently while hungry.”

The situation at that time easily appears in my mind.
I pray for Jamie’s soul.

“Is this poisonous or something?”
“Even if it’s poisonous, we’ll cure it.”

According to Tiraiza, Iris will cast cure magic.

Everyone is looking at me.
Like seeing God or something.
Yufilia is waiting for me to eat with an innocent smile.

There seems to be no other choice but to eat this.
Well poison is not effective to an evil god.
Even if it is a poison that can kill a dragon instantly, it’s still ineffective.
Therefore it is impossible to get damaged by eating.

I take the pancake dish and take a mouthful.
Oh, this taste.
There is no sweetness.
Not sweet.
Rather its bitter.
And very fishy.

It’s not that bad that it is unpleasant.
This terrible.


I gave a groan.


Yufilia looks at me.

“Is it good…”

I mustered all my willpower and reply.

“It is good”

Yufilia smiles ear to ear.
While my classmates are clapping and nodding while crying.

We cannot increase the number of the victims.
I ate everything dutifully.

“Hey, I will go to the bathroom for a minute”

I said so and started running.

“Okay, yeah yeah.”

I rush to the bathroom and I was vomiting.
An evil god cannot be poisoned.
However, the taste.
It is a taste surpassing human understanding.

There is no damage to the body but my spirit suffered a great damage.
I sat down on the chair that was near, I’m feeling exhausted, I won’t be leaving for a while.

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